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After years of experience searching for wigs for personal use, testing all types of high and low quality hair and going through all kinds of materials, Lau wondered why it was so difficult to get the hair that she had always dreamed of, why couldn't she find what she desired so much, at an affordable price.


After an experience like the one we have had -because of the Covid-, Lau decided that it was time to get down to work to be able to help all those people who want to be able to have their dream hair. All this led her to the last question, the most definitive:

Why wasn't it possible to create high-quality, low-cost, custom wigs?

The answer was clear, it was possible.

In this way, Lau embarks on a new adventure and creates her own wig that soon awakens all kinds of questions and comments around him:


  • Is your hair really a wig?

  • Where can I get one that looks so natural?

  • I would love to change the shade of my hair, but I don't want to spoil it and I don't have that much money either. Do you think I could do it affordably with a wig?

  • How do you go about changing your hair so quickly from short to long?

  • Do you wear extensions? My dream has always been to have long hair.

  • I don't think a wig suits me, although I've always dreamed of wearing one.


After the success achieved in all this process, Lau decides to take the leap and create something big, her own collection of custom wigs for real people, people who dream and fly high.


This is how "EL DESEO DE LAU" was born.


Because having a wig is a dream and Lau is willing to fulfill those of all those who propose it.


<< The genies of the lamps do not exist, but Lau does >>.


Thanks to all of you who decide to be part of this dream.




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